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Public Consultations

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It is the duty of the RA to remain informed of consumer opinions and we appreciate your input.


What is a Public Consultation and why do we do it?


Authorities sometimes use Public Consultation before recommending changes to laws and policies.

Public Consultation is a useful tool in the regulatory process.


Public Consultations

  •  Seek to gather input on large-scale projects affecting the public
  •  Provide valuable information, evidence and opinions from industry stakeholders and consumers
  •  Support determinations that impact the future of regulated markets
  •  Introduce efficiency and transparency to the decision-making process

The Process

  •  Notification – publicise the matter to be consulted on.
  •  Consultation – submission of opinions, evidence and proposals by interested parties. This is a two-way flow of information and all ex-parte communications are made public.
  •  Participation – interest groups submit their proposals to be considered in the final decision and/or document.

Submit A Response

The RA welcomes your feedback and comments on Open Public Consultations

The RA can initiate a public consultation on its own initiative, or when directed to do so by a Minister, or as required by legislation.


See below for a list of the RA’s Open, Active and Closed Public Consultations which are organized by sector for Electricity and Electronic Communications.