Electricity Sector

This sector involves the supply, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity.

Electricity Articles

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Joshun Stovell wants to bring solar power to the people

High-voltage power lines, enclosed spaces and work at height are real dangers involved in solar panel installation.

Expert review said change of fuel would reduce Belco pollution

An expert review said in 2021 that the "most effective“ way to mitigate Belco’s soot emissions is for the plant to burn a lower-polluting fuel.

Health minister has authority to stop Belco soot emissions

The health minister has the legal power to stop soot emissions from Belco by declaring them a “statutory nuisance”, The Royal Gazette has learnt.

Roban: residents enduring an 'abomination' over soot fallouts

Pembroke residents are enduring an “abomination” from a rain of soot from the Belco power plant, the home affairs minister stated, calling it “unacceptable” and “intolerable”.

Minister says 150,000 LED light bulbs set to be available

Energy-saving light bulbs will soon be made available to the most needy under a Government stimulus programme.

RA says it does not regulate environmental emissions

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has issued a statement in an attempt to make it clear that environmental emissions do not come under its purview.

$400,000 For Solar Panels On Govt Buildings

In this year’s Budget, “$400,000 will be spent to complete the installation of solar panels on several government buildings,” the Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said.

Belco neighbours hit with more soot

Pembroke residents have complained about another apparent soot fallout from Belco on Saturday morning.

Belco will need to make robust changes after outage, says RA

Belco will likely be told to put in place “robust changes” to how it ensures a reliable energy supply in the wake of Friday’s island-wide power outage, the independent energy regulator said yesterday.

Hayward says Belco neighbors should get free electricity

Belco should write off the bills of neighbours of Belco who have been affected by emissions, a senior Cabinet Minister said.

Government seeks feedback on phasing out gas powered cars

The Government is seeking public input on how to phase out gas powered cars and replace them with zero emission vehicles.

Belco facing backlash as residents claim another soot fallout has affected homes

Belco is facing a backlash from angry neighbours after another soot fallout.

Belco given award for response to power outages caused by Hurricane Fiona

Efforts by Belco to restore power to tens of thousands of homes after Hurricane Fiona have been recognised with an award.

Electricity costs set to decrease from January 1, says Belco

Energy bills will come down from New Year’s Day for the average user, Belco has said.

Solar panels save government $42,000 in six months

The Government has saved $42,000 in electricity costs since solar panels started operating on the roofs of the General Post Office and the Government Administration Building in June, MPs were told.

Bulk of $22m for Tynes Bay emergency repairs going overseas, senators told

About a third of the $22 million being spent on an emergency stabilisation programme at Tynes Bay is going to Bermudian firms and workers, the Government has said.

Floating solar panels could be destined for Castle Harbour

A private company could establish a new, ten-megawatt solar farm in Castle Harbour, consisting of floating photovoltaic panels, it has emerged.

Clean air group wants a seat at the table to discuss legislation

A clean air advocacy group is questioning the timeline for the drafting of new clean air laws aimed at curbing pollution, saying it has received mixed messages from the Government.

Belco given more time to respond to island’s energy plan

The Regulatory Authority has requested that Belco submit a proposal for an updated Integrated Resource Plan that will decide the future of the island’s electricity generation.

Spending for LED light bulbs set to go to Cabinet for approval

Spending approval will be sought by the Ministry of Home Affairs for a $500,000 scheme – announced four months ago – to hand out LED light bulbs to families.

Belco fails to respond to estimates it fails proposed air quality standards

Belco has failed to confirm or deny whether there are levels of air contaminants surrounding its Pembroke plant that exceed the UK limits with which Bermuda aims to align under new air quality laws.

Belco defends exceeding UK emissions objective

Belco has defended exceeding the UK Air Quality Objective for emissions and said the company had adhered to local laws.

Watchdog calls for restoration of air-monitoring equipment

Bermuda’s environmental watchdog is to call on the Minister of Home Affairs to reconsider the decision to defund the Government’s air quality monitoring programme.

Bermuda leads the world in the cost of electricity

This may not be electrifying news to island residents, but Bermuda has been found to be the most expensive place in the world to run appliances.