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Proposed Work Plan & Budget 2023-24

Closing Date:
January 31, 2023


The RA has now released its Preliminary Report on the proposed Work Plan for 2023-24 for public consultation. The Work Plan sets out the major activities that the RA intends to conduct during the fiscal year 2023-24.

Executive Summary

The proposed Work Plan will cover the period of 1 April 2023 through 31 March 2024 and includes the RA’s current mandate, strategic goals, and the major activities that it anticipates undertaking for the regulated sectors of Electronic Communications, Electricity and Submarine Cables.

The RA’s strategic objectives ensure the public interest is the core focus of the regulated sectors. The consultation establishes that the RA’s four top priorities of Consumer/Stakeholder, Internal Process, Innovation, Learning and Growth, and Financial/Stewardship are achieved through the key activities for the year. 

The projects and focuses for each sector are as follows:


  • Sectoral Review Electricity
  • Bulk Generation Proposals and Licence Evaluation
  • 2024/25 Retail Tariff Review
  • IRP Development and Alternative Proposal Evaluation
  • BG Offshore Wind Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Utility Scale (BG) Solar PV Solicitation
  • BG Floating Solar PV

Electronic Communications

  • Market Review
  • Spectrum Policy
  • Update to Consumer Protection
  • Radiofrequency (RF) Study
  • Cybersecurity
  • Annual Market Analysis

Submarine Communication Cables

  • Manage the permitting and licensing processes for new applications



Please be advised that all information submitted to the RA may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Public Access to Information Act 2010.