About Consultations

Consulting with the public is an important part of the regulatory process and help to maintain transparency and preserve good governance.

Why public consultation is important

Consulting with the public to get their feedback is an important part of the regulatory process. The process was established in sections 69 to 73 of the Regulatory Authority Act 2011. The RA uses public consultation processes to maintain transparency and preserve good governance when making decisions on key public issues.

Authorities and agencies around the world collect public feedback before recommending changes to laws and policies.

We encourage all interested parties to provide their input regarding the sectors we regulate. We invite the submission of opinions, evidence and proposals as part of a two-way flow of information, which is made public on our website. Submissions to our public consultations can be found here.

Public Consultations aim to:

  • Gather input on large-scale projects affecting the public
  • Provide valuable information, evidence and opinions from industry stakeholders and consumers
  • Support determinations that impact the future of regulated markets
  • Introduce efficiency and transparency to the decision-making process

The Process

  • Notification – The RA will publicise the matter to be consulted on.
  • Consultation – Interested parties may submit their opinions, evidence and proposals. This is a two-way flow of information and all ex-parte communications are made public.
  • Participation – Interested groups submit their proposals to be considered in the final decision and/or document.