Making a Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the services of your electricity or electronic communications provider, the RA can assist to resolve your issue after you have taken the steps listed below.

How to Submit a Complaint

Consumers have the right to accurate information regarding the quality and reliability of their services and service providers have a legal obligation to provide it. This right is regulated by the Regulatory Authority Act 2011, the Electronic Communications Act 2011, the Electricity Act 2016 and is included in the service provider’s licence.

Please follow the steps below when submitting a complaint:

1. Contact your Service Provider

Before raising a complaint with the RA, you must first take all reasonable steps to resolve the complaint directly with your service provider.  We recommend that you keep notes of who you speak with and all email correspondence regarding the complaint.

If a complaint cannot be resolved directly between you and your provider in a timely manner, typically within 60 days, then you may escalate the complaint to the RA.

2. Submitting a Complaint to the RA

  • The first step in addressing your complaint with the RA is to complete the 'Complaint Form' below and include all supporting documents that are related to your complaint.
  • Submit your complaint in writing, including a detailed explanation of the issue.  It is important that you include what resolution you expect from the service provider.
  • Include your name and relevant contact details.
  • Include all relevant documentation to support your case, including contracts, bills and any other correspondence with the service provider.
  • Where possible, include the names, dates and times of all interactions about your dispute with the service provider.
  • Please keep a copy of your complaint submission.

Once submitted, the RA’s Consumer Advocate who is responsible for managing consumer complaints, will contact you. From there, the RA will have 30 days to informally resolve the complaint or take other steps that may be necessary to refer the matter to private arbitration, adjudication, or formally dismiss the complaint in instances where the complaint is plainly without merit.

3. Update Your Existing Complaint

You can provide additional information and update your complaint by completing the Complaint Form below. You may also call the RA’s Consumer Advocate on (441) 474-6020.

Complaint Form

Noting the steps above, complete the complaint form below to have your complaint logged and addressed by the RA.

Note: If you answer yes to this question, you must attach a copy of the response you received from the service provider.
Note: If you answer yes to this question, you must attach a copy of any court documents related to this complaint.
Max file size 10MB.
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Consent agreement

By completing this form, you give the RA permission to proceed:

I give consent for the RA to:

  1. contact the service provider involved in this complaint, and provide detailed information which may include my personal contact details;
  2. request copies of any additional documentation related to this complaint from the complainant and/or the service provider;
  3. use facts contained in my complaint when contacting the service provider regarding the complaint.

The RA handles complaints differently from the courts, and would not usually require a complainant to attend hearings. However, to effectively resolve this complaint, I may be requested to attend meetings online or in person. Every effort will be made to resolve complaints informally via email and telephone correspondence between the RA, the complainant and the service provider. 

The RA has my consent to use facts contained in my dispute as an example of where things may be improved, and the RA agrees to respect my privacy and keep my personal information strictly confidential except as authorised above.

The RA reserves the right to post this dispute on its website (excluding personal details) as a matter of transparency.

I have read and understood the outlined process by which the RA handles complaints and the extent to which the RA can assist.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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