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Review of Retail Tariff Methodology

Closing Date:
November 14, 2022


The RA is inviting the public and other interested parties to comment on its proposed Retail Tariff policies for the Review of the Retail Tariff Methodology.

Executive Summary

Retail Tariffs are the rates that BELCO is allowed to charge a consumer for the amount of electricity they use during a billing period, which includes Facilities Charge, Usage Charge, taxes, and fees.

In October 2018, the RA published the Retail Tariff Methodology General Determination (GD), which outlines the steps, considerations and methodology that should be taken to calculate BELCO’s revenue allowance for providing service to its customers. 

Through this public consultation, the RA will collate feedback from the public and other interested parties regarding its observations and considerations, before making any updates to the GD.


Please be advised that all information submitted to the RA may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Public Access to Information Act 2010.