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Together, we shape Bermuda's future.
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Discover the Regulatory Authority
of Bermuda

Powering Progress, Connecting Communities, and Serving Bermuda's Best Interests 4Bermuda.

Experience the essence of the RA through the latest 4Bermuda campaign. From the solar panels adorning Bermuda's famed roofs, to the daily utilities enriching your life, the RA touches every facet of Bermuda, ensuring choice and quality services for all.

With a team of predominantly Bermudian experts that uphold the RA's core mandates of championing fair competition, protecting consumer rights, promoting the development of the economy and encouraging innovation and investment, the RA's workforce all unite in a mission to serve as a dedicated guardian 4Bermuda.

Championing Fair Competition

The RA fosters a competitive community by promoting market diversity. For instance, the RA has approved licenses to encourage multiple phone, internet, and television service providers. This ultimately benefits the island's consumers by providing choice and quality services.


Protecting Consumer Rights

While the RA does not oversee Bermuda's cost of living, we ensure service providers deliver on their promises and contractual agreements within specified timelines. Our thorough consumer inquiry process, accessible through multiple channels, protects vulnerable individuals from exploitation.

Promoting Economic Development
& Investment

As a leading regulator, the RA attracts new businesses to the island. Our professional approach ensures that organisations within regulated sectors operate effectively, contributing to Bermuda's thriving economy.


Encouraging Innovation

The RA supports the integration of modern technologies, vital for maintaining Bermuda's status as a developed, tech-savvy island. Approving advancements such as 5G, the RA has fostered innovation that is aligned with our commitment to sustainability and the interests of existing stakeholders.

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Detailed data and analysis used to set rates, including the Fuel Adjustment Rate (FAR) and the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).