How to efficiently pay your bills  

Published on
September 19, 2023

Paying your utility bills does not have to be a hassle. The simple yet effective process of paying your electricity or internet bills online offer convenience and efficiency. This article explains the options for making digital bill payments.

The RA often talks about how to save energy and be more efficient. One way you can be efficient and make your life easier is by choosing how to pay your mobile, home internet, or electricity bills. Thanks to technology, paying these bills has become easy for every type of consumer. Here are some ways you can efficiently pay your bills:

Automatic Payments:

Automatic payments, also known as Direct Debit, are a convenient way to pay your bills. You set this up through your bank, and it automates recurring payments. Your service provider will deduct the bill amount from your bank account on a specific date each month. This saves you time because you don't have to remember to pay manually. Plus, it ensures your bill is always paid on time, so you won't have your service disconnected.

To set up automatic payments, you need to provide your bank details and give authorization to your service provider. Be sure to check the advance notice details so you know when the payment will betaken out. Also, keep sufficient funds in your account on the payment date to ensure a successful transaction. If you are concerned about the monthly amount or contract terms, know your service provider should contact you before making any to your account.

For electricity bills, the amount will vary from month to month, especially during high usage periods. Mobile and internet plans will be set prices and should be the same every month if you have not incurred any overages or roaming charges. Automatic payments work best for bills that have a consistent amount each month and may not be suitable if your bills vary.

Online payments:

Online payments are another suitable option. Most service providers offer online payment options through their websites or mobile apps. This means you can pay your bills using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. With online billing and payment portals, you can view your bills, monitor your usage, and make electronic payments. This reduces the need for paper bills and lets you access your account information from your own devices.

For example, Belco offers an online account where you can log in and pay your bill with your bank card. You can also check your past monthly usage, daily usage chart, previous invoices, and transactions. This is handy if you want to keep an eye on your energy consumption and find ways to consume less.

Digicel offers a mobile app called MyDigicel where mobile or internet customers can track their data, view, and make payments to their bill. Also available is past transaction history, other app data balances, and credit limit. With One Communications customers can access similar features by logging into their account on the provider's website. Other service providers like LinkBermuda, Live Net, and TBi also offer online payment options.

Online banking:

A tried-and-true method that you could already be familiar with is online banking. With online banking, you set your service providers as payees and pay them directly from your bank account. This gives you control over when and how you pay your bills. You can even pay multiple bills one after the other if you prefer. Some banks also offer the option to schedule payments to your service providers and send them on specific dates. This is known as a standing order and is particularly useful for bills with fixed amounts.

Other Important Tips:

  • Keep in mind that most online payments take 2-3 business days to process, so pay ahead of your bill's due date.
  • For Belco bills, paying a few days the discount deadline can save you 3.5% on your bill. The discount payment will not be applied on time if you pay on the date of the discount deadline. You’ll be responsible for paying the full amount.
  • You may incur bank fees if your account doesn't have sufficient funds for automatic payments.

These payment methods have simplified the process and give you more control and transparency over your expenses. This convenience and clarity can help you use your resources and time more efficiently. By using these methods, you'll minimize hassle and pay bills on your own terms. Just remember that the availability of these options may vary depending on your service provider, so check with them to determine what works best for you.