Winter energy savings tips

Published on
December 16, 2022

Learn how to be energy efficient this winter and save on your electricity bill.

Winter is not a time you would associate with saving money. It's important to monitor your electricity usage to avoid your monthly BELCO bill from increasing too much during the winter. Making small changes to how you consume electricity can help you save money during this season. See these energy saving tips to learnhow to keep your costs down.

Turn things off:

It’s unwise to have your lights on during the daytime. Keeping the lights off while the sun is out will save you energy and lower your electricity bill.

Remember to turn things off at the outlet. This reduces phantom consumption which uses more electricity than you’ll think!

Also, if you have lamps or energy efficient spot light, maybe keep your regular lights off sometimes at night to create a cozy mood. Balance this out by placing the lights in an area where you can possibly turn off a few lights.

Upgrade to LED lights:

Invest in LED lights for. While these lights are more expensive than regular lightbulbs, they can help you save money in the long run. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights consume less electricity thus you can keep your lights on for longer while saving money.

Get smart:

If you are going to buy LED lightbulbs, get Smart LED lightbulbs to be more energy efficient. With a smart bulb you can dim the bulb’s brightness, change the color and the color temperature. Smart bulbs connect to your home network and are controlled by a corresponding mobile app or smart speaker.

Another option is a smart plug, this is a convenient device to have especially around this time of year. Smart plugs let you manage your lights, and other devices with an app from your phone or a built-in timer. This way you can control your appliances and decorations remotely and set them to a schedule.

Alternatively, try motion sensors that will automatically turn off lights once a certain time has passed without movement.

Turn down the thermostat:

Don’t automatically turn your thermostat too high. Consider the ways to naturally warm up the house. The amount of people inside will help to raise the room’s temperature. Take advantage of the heat that is already being generated from the kitchen when you use your oven.

When cooking your oven will naturally warm up the house. Adjust your AC heating accordingly so as to not consume more electricity than you need to.

Cook efficiently:

You can prepare your dinner and still save electricity. If you are hosting, do not be the house that does all the cooking. Have multiple guests bring a dish so that your stove does not consume high energy. If you are making many dishes, prep those meals first and cook them at the same time. This way you are reducing the time your oven is on.


Don’t let the winter season end with a higher than usual BELCO bill. Avoid consuming unnecessary electricity with the tips above. You’ll become more energy efficient and save in the long run.