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Media release on RA's remit


The RA restates its remit in response to recent public assertions.


February 17, 2023 - Hamilton, Bermuda:

The Regulatory Authority (“the RA”) would like to bring clarity to recent public assertions, that it is responsible for the regulation of environmental emissions in the local community.

The RA is an independent, a-political, economic regulator, established under the Regulatory Authority Act 2011. Currently, the RA has the power to supervise, monitor and regulate the electronic communications, electricity and submarine communications sectors, under sectoral legislation and any regulations or policies made by the Minister of Home Affairs.

The RA’s primary mandate is to provide an effective regulatory framework that serves all utility related stakeholders – legislators, utilities, utility consumers and the community at large, and to promote and preserve competition, promote the development of the Bermudian economy, and encourage investment and innovation in the sectors it regulates.

In relation to the regulation of environmental emissions, by law, the RA cannot set standards for, supervise, or monitor environmental emissions. This is the responsibility of the Environmental Authority and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, as outlined in the Clean Air Act 1991 and Bermuda Clean Air Regulations 1993. The Regulatory Authority can only lawfully bring enforcement proceedings against a sectoral provider, if and only after, the Environmental Authority determines that they have breached any environmental law(s).

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February 17, 2023