Bulk Generation Licences

Licences for the generation for electricity with an installed capacity above the established Licence Threshold.

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About Bulk Generation Licences

Bulk Generation (BG) licences are established under section 20 of the Electricity Act 2016.

This Licence grants the Licensee the right to engage in Bulk Generation of electricity from the Generation Facilities. Bulk generation is defined as generation electricity using a system with an installed capacity at or above the licence threshold.

Payment Instructions for Quarterly & Annual Submissions

For payments, please find banking details below.

Beneficiary Bank:
Butterfield Bank
Beneficiary Account Number:
060 162460 0035
Beneficiary Name:
Regulatory Authority of Bermuda
Craig Appin House,
8 Wesley Street
Hamilton HM 11

Please ensure “Note to Beneficiary” includes the name of the payee.