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The Administrative Determinations that you will find on this page include General Determinations, Decisions, Orders and Directions by which the RA establishes the legal rights and obligations of sectoral participants under the Regulatory Authority Act 2011 (RAA).


A General Determination (GD) is a form of subordinate legislation that is issued by the RA in order to carry out its regulatory functions. (Pursuant to section 62 of the RAA).


A Decision is a formal published decision by the RA. (Pursuant to section 65 of the RAA).


An Order is an administrative determination issued by the RA (Pursuant to section 63 of the RAA) for purposes such as granting or denying applications and submissions from a sectoral provider, and clarifying legislation or regulation, among other purposes under the RAA.


A Direction is an official instruction to a sectoral participant to do, or not do a specific action.


Refer to Electricity or Electronic Communications for documents relating to those sectors.

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