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Data Roaming

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What is Data Roaming?


Data roaming is a convenient feature of mobile networks that allows subscribers to use the same mobile phone number that you have in Bermuda while roaming over other mobile carrier networks overseas.


When you are roaming on another mobile network, a mobile company from the country you are visiting will bill your Bermuda mobile company for the calls you make and the data you use while using their network – these charges are then passed on to you at significantly higher rates than what is charged locally for using your phone in Bermuda.


International roaming charges will appear on your regular bill and may take up to two weeks to process.  However – be aware that international roaming charges can add up quickly and you might accrue a large bill in a short time. Here are some ways to manage your mobile phone when you travel overseas:


How to Manage Your Data Roaming Costs:

  •  Turn off the data roaming option in your mobile phone: Only switch it on when you need to access the internet, but note that all of your stored data will be downloaded the instant you turn on the data roaming option, which could result in hefty charges in a very short period of time. You can still make phone calls or send text messages on your phone, but you may want to use a Voice over IP app (eg. WhatsApp calling/ Facetime) in a Free Wi-Fi area instead
  •  How to turn off your mobile data option: on your mobile phone – go to settings/networks/ then select data roaming and turn on/off. For specific details on how to switch your data off, you can Google the name/type of phone for additional instructions
  •  Ask your mobile provider about their international data roaming packages to receive reduced roaming rates
  •  Purchase a prepaid sim card with data from the country you are visiting
  • Use free wi-fi wherever possible: many hotels, coffee shops and other public venues offer free wi-fi connection for mobile devices
  •  Be prepared: download videos/music/ebooks to your mobile device before you travel
  •  Turn off app updates and only check your apps when you are in a free Wi-Fi area