Helpful Tips for Saving Energy During the Holidays

Electricity bills in the home usually rise with increased consumption during the holidays.  Here are some helpful tips to help keep the cost of your light bill down and reduce the amount of energy used throughout this festive season:

1. Holiday Decorations:
  • use LED holiday lights to decorate your tree and your home as LED lights use 90% less electricity than traditional strands of holiday lights
  • use fibre optic decorations, which are the best in energy efficiency
2. Time Limits:
  • wait until dark to turn on the holiday lights and use a timer to help manage your energy use, aiming to have the holiday lights on for six hours or less
  • turn off the room lights when your tree is lit
3. Kitchen Hacks:
  • keep lids on pots as it helps food cook faster, which means using less energy
  • make the most efficient use of your oven by baking several dishes at the same time because it takes the same amount of energy heat the over for one dish as it does for several
  • use small appliances that use less energy, like a microwave or toaster oven, for small cooking tasks, and save the oven for bigger needs
4. Travel Tips:
  • unplug phantom energy users like TVs, computers and water heaters before leaving the island for holiday travel as these electronics and appliances use electricity even when you are not home
5. Gift Giving:
  • buy gifts that don’t require batteries or use electricity
  • if you do buy or receive gifts that require batteries, consider investing in rechargeable batteries and a charger

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