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Electronic Communications

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Services regulated within the Electronic Communications sector include:

  • Internet
  • Internet access
  • Landline telephone
  • Mobile phone service
  • Long distance phone service
  • Subscription television service
  • Two-way radios, CB’s, scanners and other radio communications devices

A business operating in the electronic communications sector in Bermuda must have a license to do so.

  • “COL” means a Communications Operating Licence granted under section 16(1) of the ECA and, for the avoidance of doubt, includes an ICOL.
  • “ICOL” means an Integrated Communications Operating Licence described in section 18(1) of the ECA.

Currently there is a moratorium on the issuance of new licences, however, in the event this is lifted and once a licence is issued, the new business can then enter the market.


Current listing of COL/ICOL holders in Bermuda may be found here.

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