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Complaint Handling Guidance

The RA’s consumer to provider and provider to provider complaint handling processes are guided by our Acts of Legislation.  The information on this page outlines the complaints process for consumers to follow:

  • Regulatory Authority Act 2011 (RAA)
  • Principles of Consumer Protection General Determination (PCP)

  • Electronic Communications Act 2011 (ECA)
  • Electricity Act 2016 (EC)

Timeframes For Handling Consumer Complaints

You must first make an honest effort to resolve your complaint directly with the service provider (the “company”) before submitting your complaint to the RA.  Three easy to follow steps are noted below to assist you when addressing your complaint directly with the company.


Service providers have 60 days to resolve a consumer complaint, as referenced in the RAA Section 57(3).


There is a timeframe for the RA to receive complaints within one year from when the complaint occurred as noted in the RAA Section 57(3)(a).


The RA has 30 (calendar) days from the date of receiving a complaint to facilitate an informal resolution of the dispute (complaint) or take further steps, as per the RAA Section 57(4).  See below for additional details on submitting a consumer complaint to the RA.

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities When Filing A Complaint

Consumers have rights and responsibilities when filing a complaint against your service provider.  You have the right to accurate information regarding the quality and reliability of the company’s services, and the providers who are licenced by the RA have a legal obligation to provide you with this information.


Consumer rights are detailed in RA’s guiding Acts of Legislation listed above, and included in the service provider’s license(s) to deliver Electricity and/or Electronic Communications services in Bermuda.  It is the RA’s responsibility to ensure these licence obligations are being upheld by the licence holder.  You can learn more about your consumer rights and responsibilities on the Consumer Protection page.

1.   Contact Your Service Provider Directly


The service provider must be your first point of contact to address your complaint and you must give the company a fair opportunity to resolve the complaint in a timely manner, typically within 60 days.  Contact details are available in the Electricity and Electronic Communications Directories of Sectoral Providers.

2.   Escalate Your Complaint With The Service Provider


If you are not satisfied with the service provider’s customer service representative or their handling of your complaint, it is your responsibility to escalate the matter to the company’s management team for resolution within the first 60 days of the complaint and before submitting your complaint to the RA.

3.   Keep Detailed Records Of Your Complaint


It is your responsibility to keep detailed records of the steps you take when trying to resolve your complaint directly with the service provider.  The most accurate way to communicate with your provider is to correspond in writing, preferably by email.  Your record keeping notes should include the following:

  • a detailed summary of your complaint, including any invoices or statements that are related to your complaint
  • copies of all written or email correspondence between you and the company
  • dates and times of telephone calls where you have discussed the complaint with the company
  • name(s) and job title(s) of the service company’s representative(s) you have spoken with regarding your complaint

Submitting A Consumer Complaint To The RA


If you have followed the steps above and your complaint is unable to be resolved directly with the service provider within 60 days, then you may complete the form below to submit your complaint to the RA.  You must attach all required supporting correspondence and documents when submitting the complaint form.


As per Section 57(4) of the RAA, the RA has 30 days from the date of receiving a complaint to facilitate an informal resolution of the dispute (complaint).  If the complaint is not informally resolved in that time, it may advance to private arbitration at the shared expense of both parties, and where agreed by both parties (the complainant and the service provider).  Alternatively, the matter may be dismissed by the RA if the complaint is found to be plainly without merit or the complaint may referred to an adjudication.


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