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Public Consultations
Be Part of the Process!

The Authority’s public consultations are an opportunity for you the consumer, to be part of the process. The decisions we make impact all consumers within the industries we regulate and for that reason it is important to us that consumers remain well informed. Get involved by understanding what impacts you. Click here to see what is currently under consultation.

Integrated Resource Plan

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a national plan to determine Bermuda’s future electricity needs and the energy mix to meet them. The IRP is developed by the Authority in public consultation with industry stakeholders and the public, following a process outlined by legislation. The plan includes information on demand forecasting, potential energy sources, efficiency measures and energy demand management.

Public Consultation on the IRP Proposal, which was submitted by the primary provider, BELCO as required by law, began in May 2018. In that time, 8 private sector proposals were received, for introducing alternative bulk generation technologies to Bermuda’s energy mix.

A second round of consultation from October 2nd to November 30th, 2018, invited comments on those alternative generation proposals. More than 400 were received. Click here to review all of the responses.

The Authority is now in the process of post-consultation analysis and evaluation where all inputs will be considered for their technical, economic, environmental and social merits.

Click here to view an informative Electricity Sector Informational Flyer.

Fuel Adjustment Rate (FAR)

What is the FAR?

The FAR is used to recover the costs of fuel incurred in electricity generation and will be a pass through of all reasonably incurred costs to the customer within the retail tariff methodology. Currently, the Authority reviews and approves the FAR monthly. However, the Authority is in the process of revising the FAR methodology through the retail tariff methodology.

More Information

Click here for more information on the FAR.


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Know Your Rights

Consumers of the sectors we regulate are legally entitled to the right to Information, Choice and Resolution.