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Consumer Protection

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What Are My Rights?

Consumers are entitled to the following statutory rights when entering into a service contract with a regulated Electricity or Electronic Communications provider.


Consumer Protection

In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act 2011, Part 5 Section 26, Part 14 of a Service Providers Licence, and the Electricity Act 2016, Part 7 Section 38, a service provider has obligations for consumer protection.

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It is the responsibility of service providers to always give accurate, sufficient and relevant information to guide consumers in making rational choices and informed decisions.


Right to access a variety of products and services at competitive prices


The RA provides consumers with a process in which to express grievances, opinions, submit disputes and suggest ways for improving service delivery.

Rights and Responsibilities

Consumers Have the Right…

  • To disclosure of price, terms and conditions of service.
  • To privacy expectation and protection of their records.
  • To responsive service and fair treatment.
  • To participate in the RA’s processes.
  • To accurate bills and redress.
  • To submit a dispute and expect a quick resolution of that dispute.
  • To reasonable requirements for service.
  • To be protected from market abuse through active oversight and enforcement.

What are My Responsibilities as a Consumer?

Consumer rights are best safeguarded when consumers fulfill their responsibilities. Specifically, consumers must:

  • Ask for all the information about service offerings before you decide to purchase.
  • Do your research and make informed decisions.
  • Compare price and features before making a purchase.
  • Understand your financial capability before entering into any contract.
  • Read your contract terms and conditions carefully and strive to understand each individual clause before entering into the contract.
  • Know when the contract expires.
  • Be aware to not be coerced to subscribe to any unwanted service.
  • Inform your service provider about your lost/stolen sim card.
  • Inform your service provider about any changes in contact details or any changes in personal circumstances which would affect your contract.
  • Ensure prompt payment of bills.
  • Be aware of the usage tariffs of Value Added Services associated with your account prior to using such services.