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Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

Home Consumer Protection Rights & Responsibilities

Consumers Have the Right to:

  • Have their complaints acknowledged within one business day;
  • Cancel a contract within the first two weeks of service;
  • Honest advertising and clear language that is easy to understand;
  • Opt-out or exit a contract without financial penalty if the Service Provider breaches its obligations of the contract;
  • Fair treatment and access for vulnerable persons, including those with a medical condition where the disconnection of electric service would lead to loss of life or immediate hospitalisation, your Service Provider would be required to retain or restore your service for a period of an additional 30 calendar days (*note – a medical certificate is required);
  • Spam-free communications where Service Providers are prohibited from engaging in unsolicited direct marketing by means of electronic communications networks without your consent;
  • Confidentiality and protection of privacy where Service Providers are required, at a minimum, to comply with the applicable requirements set out in the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) 2016;
  • Notice of planned outages where Service Providers are required to provide advance notice of planned outages to all affected consumers; and
  • Notice of unplanned outages where Service Providers should provide you with their best estimate on the restoration of services.

Consumers Have the Responsibility to:

  • Understand your Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions before signing a contract with them;
  • Know your ability to pay your bill and understand all financial obligations before signing a contract;
  • Address your concerns, complaints and technical issues with your Service Provider in a timely manner, typically within 60 days.