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The RA promotes a level playing field where all stakeholders receive equal consideration.



The RA encourages sectoral providers to create value for consumers by using intelligent solutions, modern principles and technological advancements.



The RA operates with honesty, transparency and accountability for all.

The RA provides protection for consumers and an enforceable framework for sectoral providers in the Electricity and Electronic Communications sectors.

As a consumer, you have the right to and responsibility for consumer protection.  Do your part to be an informed consumer. Know your rights and responsibilities.

Consumers Have the Right to:

  • fair treatment and access to services, especially for vulnerable persons
  • clear marketing and honest advertising from sectoral providers
  • be protected from unsolicited direct marketing from a sectoral provider
  • a contract summary page that is written in simplified language and is  easy to understand
  • cancel a contract within the first two weeks if you are not satisfied with  the provider’s service

  • have medically dependent electricity service retained or restored for a  period of 30 calendar days
  • have your complaints addressed by sectoral providers to a satisfactory  level and responded to in a fair and timely manner
  • accurate billing that clearly describes the charges
  • participate in the RA’s processes and public consultations
  • be protected from market abuse through active oversight and  enforcement by the RA

Consumers Have Responsibility to:

  • do your own research to compare prices, features, and contract terms and conditions
  • know your ability to pay your bill and understand the financial obligations of a contract
  • fully understand the service offerings, terms and conditions before you make a purchase or sign a contract
  • ask your sectoral provider for clarification on contract terms and conditions before signing
  • be aware of the contract expiry date and understand any early termination penalties that may apply

  • know the cost of all services before you use them (eg: international roaming charges for mobile phones)
  • inform your provider if the item you purchased has been lost or stolen
  • advise your sectoral provider when your contact details or employment status has changed
  • address complaints with your sectoral provider for resolution
  • provide evidence and supporting documentation when escalating a complaint to the RA

The RA can help advocate for your consumer rights. You should first address all concerns, complaints and technical issues with your provider. If the matter cannot be resolved directly with your provider, you can Submit A Dispute or Contact Us through the RA’s website, or call 474-6020.