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Who We Are

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The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (the RA) regulates Bermuda’s Electronic Communications, Electricity and Submarine Cables sectors.

As an independent regulatory body, we promote fair business practices, protect consumer and industry stakeholders, and encourage innovation and integrity in these markets.

We also:

  •  Promote sustainable competition in the telecommunications sector, covering services such as fixed and mobile telephone, long distance, internet access and subscription television and
  •  Regulate electricity licencees to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Electricity Act 2016.

For more information about each sector, see Electricity, Electronic Communications and Submarine Communications Cables.

What We Do

The RA was established by legislation in January 2013, (Regulatory Authority Act 2011 – see below) as the national regulatory body to implement and enforce regulations and laws.



Regulatory authorities around the world use specific procedures to create and implement regulations. The procedures available to the RA include:

  •  General Determinations
  •  Orders
  •  Directions
  •  Decisions
  •  Advisory Guidelines
  •  Investigations
  •  Enforcements

We Follow Principles Such As:

  •  transparency of information and decision-making
  •  public consultation and participation


The RA’s Team of subject matter specialists conducts technological, economic and market analysis to provide the Board of Commissioners with robust, independent information, for consideration in their decisions and rulings.

Our Guiding Legislation: